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Postcard from the Dakota Sash & Door Company. Along with a photograph of the business, the card says "Our Mr. _____________ will be calling on you ___________________. Any business you may give him will be greatly appreciated. Dakota Sash & Door…

Colored postcard showing Aberdeen's downtown post office.

Colored photograph of the Civic Arena, Aberdeen.

Sepia toned photograph of downtown Aberdeen, as seen from the top of the Citizens Bank building.

Sepia toned photograph showing downtown Aberdeen, the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street. Citizens Bank building is visible.

Colored postcard showing a view of the Citizens Bank building.

Colored Postcard showing a vertical view of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Colored postcard showing the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Colored postcard with view of Central High School, including trees around the building.

Colored postcard showing picture of the original Central High School. Printed by Searle Brothers Printing Co., Aberdeen, SD.