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Slide 37.jpg
Color slide of Dacotah Hall at Northern State College, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Taken from the west.

Slide 36.jpg
Color slide of the campus green of Northern State College. Taken from the north. Visible in photo is Mewaldt-Jensen building, Beulah Williams Library, Memorial Union and Graham Hall.

Slide 35.jpg
Color slide of Beulah Williams Library at Northern State College in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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Slide 34.jpg
Color slide of Northern State College. Includes Memorial Union (currently called the Student Center) on the right, and the Beulah Williams Library.

Slide 33.jpg
Color slide of McArthur-Welsh Hall.

Slide 32.jpg
Color slide of Mewaldt-Jensen building, taken from the north.

Slide 30.jpg
Color slide of Northern State College President Norbert K. Baumgart and Vice President Lester Clarke.


Slide 3.jpg
Northwest corner of the Central Building the morning after the fire. The room used to be Les Clarke's office.

Slide 29.jpg
Color slide of Northern State College President Norbert K. Baumgart.


Slide 28.jpg
Color slide of entrance to Northern State College.


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