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sepia tone photograph of Main Street (100 block) showing large crowd of people and the Ward Hotel.

Black and white photograph of farmers threshing by machine in 1912

Gypsy Day Parade 1953-Willmart.mp4
Home movie of the Gypsy Day parade in Aberdeen, SD. This video contains no sound.

Gypsy Day Parade 1956-Willmart.mp4
Home movie of the Gypsy Day parade in Aberdeen, SD. This video contains no sound.

Black and white photograph of the 23 Club Bar on Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, South Dakota. In the background is the Brown County Courthouse.

Sepia toned photograph showing downtown Aberdeen, the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street. Citizens Bank building is visible.

50 Years of Service and Growth.pdf
This document contains information on the Aberdeen Family YMCA. Included in the document is a list of the staff and board of directors, statement of purpose, list of activities, Anniversary Statement and local history.


A Civic Movement to Meet a Great Civic Need.pdf
This fundraising booklet contains quotes about YMCA's, explaination of what a YMCA is, photographs of YMCA buildings from around the country, and a proposition to fund an Aberdeen YMCA building. Includes types of activities a YMCA could provide,…


The cover art for the DVD Aberdeen WWII Red Cross/USO Pheasant Canteen A Living Legacy.

Letter from Erv Siefkes about meeting president Dwight D. Eisenhower, in which he thanked the women who served pheasant sandwiches in the canteen at the Aberdeen Milwaulkee depot.
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