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1209 Aberdeen, SD Civic Association Travel Guide.pdf
Brochure listing the available travel schedules in and out of Aberdeen South Dakota by means of bus, airplane and railway.

Historic Groton - 1.pdf
stapled booklet, black and white, with photos on pages and covers

Guide to the Hagerty-Lloyd Historic District_optimized.pdf
soft bound booklet, stapled, 16 pages; contains black and white photographs

The Ruralite Volume 1 No 6_optimized.pdf
This bulletin for the Rural demonstration schools of the Northern Normal and Industrial School contains news from Brookside, Sunshine and Riverside rural schools and poetry.

Black and white newspaper clipping with photo and description. "Pictured at the party, left to right in the back row, are:Mrs. Robert Johns, Mrs. C. H. Anderson, Mrs. Frank Williams, Mrs. Glen Osterholt, Mrs. George Olson, Mrs. Rallph Kelly, Mrs.…

Historical Points in Brown County_optimized.pdf
This paper includes the history of Brown County, a map of Brown County marked with historical sites, and descriptions and pictures of the historical sites.

208 Oink a picture yearbook_optimized.pdf
A yearbook made by a student, for students. It includes pictures taken from circa 1964-1968 and includes candid on campus and off campus photos of Northern students and faculty.

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View looking west south west at 1st Ave. & 1st St. S. Aberdeen, South Dakota. Picture shows Officer Frank O'Brien taking notes, and Officer John Jira directing traffic.


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