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Tacoma Park on the James River.jpg
Black and white photograph of a couple rowing on the James River near Tacoma Park. Woman's last name is Worthy.

George Nikolas Railroad Oral History 03_11_2014 - Aberdeen.mp3
Excerpt from an oral history interview of George Nikolas. The changes in Aberdeen are discussed by George Nikolas, interviewed by Rachel Senese.

The cover art for the DVD Aberdeen WWII Red Cross/USO Pheasant Canteen A Living Legacy.

Photo Jul 03, 11 17 53 AM.jpg
Photograph of part of the WWII Red Cross/USO Pheasant Canteen exhibit at the Milwaulkee depot in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Pheasant Canteen Team with Governor Dennis Daugaard. L to R: Lila Schwalbe, Marilee Frankenburger, Patsy Weigel, Governor Dennis Daugaard, Vera Lilly, Ruth Casanova.

Black and white newspaper clipping with photo and description. "Donating $100 and bringing in 110 pheasants, Stratford sponsored a USO-Red Cross Canteen day with the following women as hostesses: Left to right, front row, Mrs. Helen Helgeson, Mrs.…


Black and white photograph of servicemen in line for food at the Milwaulkee depot USO-Red Cross canteen in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Color photograph of Blanche Lindsey serving pheasant sandwiches to Tech. Sgt. Charles E. Vondrachek, of Reedsville, WI; Pvt. Willard MacKay, of Berkley, CA; and Sailor Dale R. Green, Aer M1/c, of Huron, SD. At Milwaulkee depot, Aberdeen South Dakota.


Black and white photograph of Blanche Lindsey and daughter Kay, age 8. "Passing the Legacy"

Color photograph of Blanche Lindsey and Bessie Joyner Serving Troops on the train. Aberdeen, South Dakota, at the Milwaulkee depot.


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