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Slide 22.jpg
Color slide of the Beulah-Williams Library in winter time.

Color postcard with black and white photograph of Washington School.

Slide 36.jpg
Color slide of the campus green of Northern State College. Taken from the north. Visible in photo is Mewaldt-Jensen building, Beulah Williams Library, Memorial Union and Graham Hall.

Slide 40.jpg
Color slide of Northern State College Vice President Lester Clarke in his office.


Various Bulletins 1945-46_optimized.pdf
This paper includes various supplemental teaching aides for use in the many rural one/two room schools in Brown County, South Dakota. Subjects include Kinderagarten, speech, choir, patriotic poetry and reading.

272 Tieszen, Marion Karrigan Reminiscences - NSC - 1923-1942.pdf
Speech given by Marion Karrigan Tieszen about the history of Northern State College from 1933-1942.

The Ruralite Volume 1 No 6_optimized.pdf
This bulletin for the Rural demonstration schools of the Northern Normal and Industrial School contains news from Brookside, Sunshine and Riverside rural schools and poetry.

The Rural Light Vol 14 No 7_optimized.pdf
This bulletin of Northern Normal and Industrial School of Aberdeen, South Dakota contains articles on rural teacher education, photographs, biographies of N.S.T.C. faculty and testemonials. Excerpt: "Because a majority of the teachers in South Dakota…

The Rural Demonstration School Chorus.pdf
This article contains information about music taught at the Aberdeen area rural schools and a concert held in Aberdeen where the rural school children performed. Included is a photograph of the children's choir.

The Blue and Gold 1913_optimized.pdf
This booklet contains stories, poems, photographs, announcements for the Aberdeen, South Dakota, High School. Includes such things as: Class Song, Commencement, letter to the alumni, Class Poem, faculty photos, senior photos, Class Will, Class…
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