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Documents concerning education in the Aberdeen Area, including Northern State University, Presentation College and rural education.

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NSTC Postcard
From back of postcard:
Northern State Teachers College
Aberdeen, South Dakota
This aerial view of NSTC shows the splendidly landscaped campus, Johnson Athletic Field, and beyond the tree-lined residential streets, the downtown area of Aberdeen,…

Northern Normal and Industrial School Postcard
Postcard shows three main buildings of Northern Normal and Industrial School, Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Original Alexander Mitchell library
Colored postcard of the original Alexander Mitchell Library building.

Central High School
Colored postcard showing picture of the original Central High School. Printed by Searle Brothers Printing Co., Aberdeen, SD.

Central High School--later
Colored postcard with view of Central High School, including trees around the building.

Washington School
Color postcard with black and white photograph of Washington School.

High School, Aberdeen
color postcard of two buildings

Lincoln Hall postcard
Colored postcard of Lincoln Hall, Northern State Teacher's College.

Entrance to Northern Normal School
Black and white photograph of the entrance to the Northern Normal and Industrial School, with central building in background.

NSTC Central Building view
Colored postcard showing an angled view of the Northern State Teacher's College Central Building.
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